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Lone Girl Brewing Company

Waunakee, WI


Crusin Rating: A-

Booze Rating: C

Rooftop Patio at Lone Girl

Just a short drive outside of Madison sits Waunakee, WI. While this town has one of my favorite-kept secrets, Wisconsin Candle Company, it is also home to a Drumlin Ridge Winery and this week’s stop, The Lone Girl Brewing Company. Touting itself as a craft brewery, brewpub, event space, and family friendly restaurant, there’s a lot going on at The Lone Girl.

We’ve been to The Lone Girl a couple of times for a few different get-togethers and have had food there. The Lone Girl, like so many other brewpubs has mediocre food and an interior that is largely forgettable. However, one thing that is far from forgettable, quite the opposite in fact, and that is the rooftop patio. Not only is rooftop space hard to find in Madison, Camp Tripalindee and Eno Vino are the only spots that come close in our opinion, The Lone Girl has them beat due to both the outdoor bar and the fact that it’s a brewery. It definitely near the top of our list for brewery outdoor space.

The rooftop patio is completely stunning. The space has plenty of seating and abundance of plants which gives it all a very natural feel, you almost forget about all of the concrete. Under a permanent awning, an entirely outdoor bar with both bar seating and cocktail tables ensures you don’t have to wander far for imbibements on a nice evening. There is a small stage area that was not in use and a fire pit. While we were there, in the dead of summer, the fire wasn't on but I’m sure that firepit is more welcoming in autumn.

We were fortunate enough to make use of the event space while we were there and I can say that it was tastefully decorated with plenty of wood and some excellent lighting. We won’t really go into the food but suffice it to say, it was easily forgettable (having dined for an event and on our own at different times). The first floor of The Lone Girl is pretty plain and pretty uninspired. No, the saving grace of this particular spot is the rooftop, hands down and the only bad part is that, since we are in Wisconsin, that rooftop will only be accessible part of the year.

Beer Flight

As for the beer:

Towhead (7% ABV) - This Belgian blonde was light gold in color with a heavy, slightly sweet yeast scent on the nose. The taste was initially sweet with even some slight honey in there and ended in dry hoppiness and medium carbonation. I think this was a good entry into the category. I would’ve liked it to be a little less dry at the end because it almost left you thirsty rather than thirst-quenching. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this one.

Anniversary Ale (5.8% ABV) - This Golden Sour Ale was the color of straw with high clarity, and there was pineapple on the nose, light and playful. I found this sour to be sour just for sour’s sake though. Tartness hits your tongue first, followed by pineapple which wasn’t wholly unpleasant. It was almost like drinking a Corona Extra with a hint of pineapple. It was sour, but really lacked the body to back it up. Medium-high carbonation again led me to classify this as a lager with sour added in. Skip it.

Harry’s Coconut (6.8% ABV) - This IPA smelled of suntan lotion, not exactly how I want my beer to smell. Pale-golden in color it tasted of lime and coconut cream. Now, I enjoy coconut but the flavor is usually pretty unapproachable as a beer flavor. Not great, but definitely a step in the right direction. I’m not craving another one any time soon but the flavors played well with the Motueka hops. Medium carbonation but due to the flavors one or two pints might have you chasing down a bottle of Pepto due to the sugar content.

Berry Brut (6.7% ABV) - Let’s call this a fruited champagne beer? Anyway, Berry Brut is the deep brandied red when held to the light. Rich red fruit esthers meet your nose along with jam and maple syrup. It tastes of strawberries and plum preserves with medium carbonation. For a beer with a style of champagne in the name I expected both more carbonation and more tannin content. Interesting to mix a champagne that is classically low in sugar with what is sure to be a high-sugar base. It did finish just barely like a champagne to where I thought if you downed it, I mean really downed it, you might be able to trick yourself into thinking you took a swig of berry champagne.

Surprise Threesome (9.5% ABV) - Who names these? I guess since it’s a Belgian Tripel it makes sense, kind of? But not really, other than the number three? Anyway, this Tripel was clear and golden and oddly smelled of bubblegum. There was also that slight taste of Hubba Bubba on the front with clear notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. This did not have the high carbonation I was looking for but it is deceptively boozy. On the higher end of a classic Tripel ABV it was classically high in alcohol but you don’t taste it. This is a beer where you don’t taste it, but you definitely feel it and checked off all the boxes of the style.

Summer Lovin’ (5.5% ABV) - This Mango Wheat Ale smelled strongly of mango juice or pureé. Orange-gold in color with so much mango the beer mellows out and you lose most of the malt and hop flavors, almost like you left a shandy out on the table too long, it starts to just taste like heavy lemon mush. Not a great wheat beer. I’d skip this one.

Firepit on rooftop patio
Photo Credit: Lone Girl Brewing Company Facebook Page

In summary, the beer is hit and miss, the food is a miss, but the outdoor space is a definite “don’t miss it! “ If you are around the Madison area I would say it’s worth a stop to try a beer and at the very least catch a sunset up on the patio. The Lone Girl is saved from a pretty average review by it’s rooftop space but at the end of the day, this is really a brewpub and you know how we at Crusinforbooze feel about those.

To learn more about Lone Girl Brewing Company please visit their website at: or on Facebook at: @LoneGirlBrewing or on Instagram at: @LoneGirlBrewing

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