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Thanks for stopping by.  We are Cru and Hannah, your local Wisconsin bloggers. 

We are on a quest to visit every winery and brewery in the great state of Wisconsin. 

Hannah brings a keen eye for event space, décor, and a sense of organization to bear, evaluating each space for function, flow, and feel. An avid fan of Bloody Mary’s, wine, and citrus cocktails, Hannah has been tasting food and wine for over five years as an event planner and has enthusiastically experienced working under one of the premier Cider producers in the state.
Cru has moonlighted as a bartender in Madison, WI close to a decade, from townie
hole-in-the-wall spots to James Beard award-winning restaurants, slinging cocktails,
developing recipes, and pouring ice-cold brewskis. Seeking to legitimize his foodie
and affinity for booze, he decided to start writing about all of the establishment he’s
For us, there is nothing more important than celebrating everything
Wisconsin from grain to glass, vine to chalice, and orchard to mug. Establishments
that emphasize the Wisconsin ideal, the pastoral farmer, and rural Americana are
our favorite haunts
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