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3 Sheeps Brewing Company

Sheboygan, WI


Crusin Rating: B

Booze Rating: C+

Crusin For Booze-Wisconsin Blogger- 3 Sheeps Brewing- Bar and taps

This week we are checking out a place that I have wanted to check out for a couple years now but could never bring myself to make the drive out there. Turns out that it’s actually a great spot to grab a beer after a relaxing day at Destination Kohler. Chances are you’ve heard of this brewery, or at least seen one of its offerings hovering around the trendy beer section at your local liquor market. 3 Sheeps Brewing Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin is this weeks Crusin stop!

Immediately upon arriving and going inside both Hannah and me were floored by the size of the space. It is, quite literally, a huge warehouse that has been converted into a massive tasting room. It’s massive. I’m talking long picnic tables with benches and chairs, round 8

person tables, small barrel tables for couples, and a raised semi-second story that has even more long tables. Hannah pointed out that dogs are allowed in as this is an unfussy “beers

only” kind of place. No food, no cocktails. Something that we couldn’t wait to see more of was the huge garage doors that dominated one side of the tasting room. From photos we saw, the doors open into a large outdoor space with even more sitting options on summer days. It might be worth a trip back there to check that out! We read signs for live music within the taproom during winter and it sounds like that also takes place outside in the summer along with a few games, like bocci ball, to keep you entertained as you sip away an afternoon.

For as large a space as it was, even though it was 30 degrees outside and windy, the inside was comfortable and there was enough space between everyone that Hannah and I could take notes in some relative peace, and that’s including one or two families with infant children and dogs present.

Although the inside was large, we found that the tasting room was welcoming and all business. There weren’t any frills which also means that there wasn’t a ton of decorations either. It reminded me of what you might see for decorations in a neighbor's garage. Maybe a flag, a t shirt on display, nothing too wild, and it suited us just fine for this space.

On to some of the beer! You can get up to six 3oz pours per flight with the flights coming in at $2.00 a pour which hits our average price. We did want to note that of all the places we have been too, this was the most obnoxious in terms of getting your taster glass out of the flight itself. Because the way the flight holders are cut, you have to wiggle and angle each tasting glass to get them out. Some get stuck and you have to start again. I know after I have had one or two beers the last thing I want is some sort of puzzle to free my next taster from the clutches of its flight.

Crusin For Booze- Wisconsin Blogger- 3 Sheeps Brewing- Beer Flight

Fresh Coast (4.8% ABV) - Perhaps their most recognized beer, this Juicy Pale Ale is a rich, cloudy gold in color and smells of both mangoes and tangerines, even a little grapefruit. With medium hop presence and a crisp finish this wasn’t as juicy as I expected it to be. It’s an alright IPA.

Full Spectrum (4.6% ABV) - This Cranberry-Blackcurrant Sour was a dirty red color and tasked closer to cranberry cocktail. The sweetness catches you off guard since the name would suggest all bite and tart, with a touch of fruitiness. I can’t think of two more tart fruits than cranberries and blackcurrants and I expected this to rocket to the top of Hannah’s beer list. But with that up front sweetness, even though the nose promised some currant flavors, the sourness seemed to be an afterthought here. Shame.

Weighted (10.5% ABV) - This Hazy IPA was definitely weighty in terms of it’s ABV. It featured hop varietals that I haven’t come across as of yet, Wai-iti and Motueka, which are both New Zealand varietals that allegedly impart flavors of limes and zest. I found this IPA to be quite syrupy and my guess is the Wai-iti hops, known for their high weighted (get it?!) oil to acid ratio caused this and I was not a huge fan. I thought this beer ended up tasting like something that you sprinkled a few drops of an essential oil in. Different, for sure. I might have to try another beer that features these hops to really pin down the flavor.

Tawny Port Barrel-Aged Deeply Rooted (13.6% ABV) - This beer was burnt copper in color and smells of spent wine corks with definite notes of brandy, plum and bitters. Wait, is this a beer or a wine I am smelling? I found the beer to be sweet and a little tannic and in all it was closer to a wine than a beer since I couldn’t find any hop presence, although Hannah and me both searched. I want to add that I usually really enjoy Barleywines and they do hit that interesting spot of half beer, half wine. I thought the port came through way too much here, though. The regular "Deeply Rooted" (which we did not take notes on, just had a taste) is a much more balanced offering that I would suggest you try instead.

Veneration (14.0%) - This Belgian Quad has an even higher ABV than the last two, so if you’re looking to only have a handful of pints before hitting the floor, 3 Sheeps is the spot for you. This beer smelled of toffee and tasted like raw, dark molasses with candied figs. Quite rich, with almost no carbonation (odd for the style). The alcohol content of this tree bark-brown beer was hidden well and it finished sweetly. I really enjoyed the flavors here and it was a good beer, but, because it leaned toward sweetness I don’t think I could see myself enjoying much more than one as it’s almost its own dessert.

Cashmere Hammer (6.5% ABV) - Another one that you will see on store shelves, this Nitro Stout looked like dark chocolate and had a hint of coffee on the nose. It was very, very smooth in the mouth and tasted of coffee, a light roast to give you an idea. It was a pretty low ABV for the style, which was odd since 3 Sheeps clearly does not shy away from the high ABV beer. I found the use of Cashmere hops to be iconic here, it was just so smooth but I did not get any spice notes of rye like the description suggested.

Crusin For Booze- Wisconsin Blogger- 3 Sheeps Brewing- To go Beer

You know, they have a big enough space and a big enough tap list that I would try here again. Mainly, I would actually be using it as an excuse to visit the very nearby killer restaurant, Urbane, which is Sheboygan’s version of one of my favorite Burlington haunts, Rustic Roots. Think of an upscale cocktail bar with some actually hand-breaded Nashville chicken, or a real burger from a nearby butcher shop. Hannah and I got the suggestion to go here from the tap tender at 3 Sheeps and our experience was amazing. With a father behind the bar slinging drinks and his daughter taking our order we had an amazing date-night spot and I will absolutely go there again. Hell, I’d even suggest trying it if you’re just passing through Sheboygan. If I had to compare, I’d say Rustic Roots wins out for cocktails and Urbane wins out for food, but no one is telling you you can’t have both (you should!).

Crusin For Booze- Wisconsin Blogger- 3 Sheeps Brewing- Kegs

While the beers were hit and miss, Hannah and I will be revisiting in summer to see if they can win us over with their outdoor space, some fresh offerings, and for a visit to a delicious dinner spot. If you’re in Milwaukee and headed up to Door County, or just in Milwaukee in general, 3 Sheeps would make an excellent trip from an hour away. If you’re in Madison it’s a bit more of a hike, closer to two hours, so I can’t recommend a trip from that far away. We will see if that changes once it gets warmer out!

Until next time. Keep on Cruisin’, don’t stop boozin’.

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